Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i wanna be (Like Ingrid)

Ingrid Jonker, divine South African poet (1933 - 1965). Tinged with brilliance and madness. Adored and rejected by two writers, Jack Cope ('tried to fling himself into her grave'), Andre Brink ('said she drove him mad with love'). She loved them both 'at the same time'. Mother. 'Sestiger'. Rebellious daughter to Abraham-the-Nationalist. Fearless. She walked into the moody ocean and was gone.

day started

i don’t like
dot. dot. dot.     
i wanna
make like a poet
a writer

like Ingrid
on the brink
in the ocean (just down the road)

b e c a u s e

She couldn’t cope
with dirt
the fuck you
of every morning

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